Top 10: Adorable Polish Pornstars (2023)

Polish Pornstars

It did not exactly dawn on me to write something about Polish pornstars. Mostly
because they are as rare as a woman that will not cheat. You could find one or two
physically incapable of cheating, but the limits are stretched even then. I have visited
Poland multiple times and from the pornstars you will see below, it does not represent
the real Polish women.
I think that except for the UK, Poland is the fattest people country in the whole of
Europe. They are closer to the chubby than the fat one, which is one of the two
problems in the country. The second issue is roads, but it has nothing to do with porn.

Dirty Lilly
We had to start somewhere, and Dirty Lilly was the best we could do. There aren’t that
many Polish pornstars, you know. It’s like trying to find a needle in the haystack. Only
38 million people live in Poland.
I believe that most females are sluts or cheaters, just like men. Despite such an opinion,
only a small percentage of those figured out how to turn on the computer and how to
turn a random solo video (or the one with your boyfriend) into a few hundred bucks. I do
enjoy amateur porn, but even my dick has some rules. One of them is to never fuck a
ginger Polish chick that is named after dirt. The guy filming this video might not have
fucked her either, as all you can see is his dick juice and him standing as far away from
her as he can. Also, Dirty Lilly has crooked teeth, which we find repulsive.

Alice Hotka
Originating from Warsaw, Alice Hotka is as trashy as every other ghetto performer.
Unfortunately, judging the book’s cover, we don’t see much success for this babe.
Unless she does something drastic with the body, like XXL implants or other craziness.
The looks aren’t top-notch, other parts are decent, but without speaking good English or
magnetic personality… So yeah, this one is dead in the water.

Olga Polansky
As old as the ancient Polish dishes yet still as charming, Olga Polansky could star in the
“Desperate Housewives” reboot. I’d suggest more scenarios where everyone fucks
instead of having hours of senseless drama. The decision to appear on this or a few
other niche sites was more of a phase than a lifelong commitment, but that’s
understandable. She came too late and with plenty of other MILFs, GILFs, or teen
pornstars, the odds of Olga succeeding were nil.
With that said, I enjoyed the aggressive personality and sex sessions full of rage. That’s
when judging by the regular porn standards, not the fucked-up shit you watch with doors
locked. It’s as if layers of marriage trauma were hidden underneath the skin, all of which
came out in the video.

Alexandra Nice
Gone with the wind, like so many other Polish pornstars. They come to the industry all
excited, dreaming about serious piles of cash and then reality happens. Big names get
way too many inquiries from new starlets and most of them get lost. So, they turn to
mediocre producers and then…
Yeah, they ask you to do anal interracial on camera and other hardcore scenery,
immediately. That’s how you ruin your chances in the future, by opening every hole from
the start.

Amandha Fox
Licking around her lips and preparing to eat some salty cum, Amandha Fox is a decent
MILF, born and raised in Poland. Having followed Eastern European pornstars for
years, I can tell you that this could last more than a year.
There’s a spark of excitement in her eyes and more importantly, she adores semen. By
the looks of it, at least.

Agnetis Miracle
I do not believe in God, the supernatural, or any of that shit. Yet, Agnetis Miracle might
make me believe in miracles. This VIDEO is special as you got a medium-sized woman
(minus belly fat) with tits belonging to the XXL category. This clip was filmed in the
woods, which is a red flag and we haven’t even started talking about the outfit.
This outfit is usually associated with poor people from the province. So, either Agnetis is
a dumb whore from some village, or it’s part of the plot. This adult performer claims her
breast size to be 32KK / 70L and her birth city? Warsaw, the capital of Poland. My good
friend loves women with natural tits that big, while I usually prefer thinner girls with
larger than average breasts. Would I fuck her? Hell yes. Will I lose any sleep if I don’t
get to do that? Nah, I have already forgotten about her.

Ewa Sonnet
An older pornstar from Poland that has the world’s biggest tits, or at least that’s how I
see her. Not sure how healthy for her back these massive boobs can be, but this is
none of our concern. We are still trying to figure out if Ewa has tits because of high body
fat or its genetics plus age. Although she does not appear to be that chubby.
The older you get, the further your tits drop to the ground. Despite that sexy red outfit
that looks like something from the Polish middle-ages, it’s not as sexy as some other
pornstars we have collected. Given a chance, I would be happy to buy her a drink.
Maybe with something extra mixed-in and have the best sex of our lives.

Ines Cudna
Cudna is one of the hotter Polish pornstars that never did mainstream porn. Instead,
Ines went with erotica, very occasional softcore sex (females only), or just photographs.
There are only a few scenes of her doing something other than solo, and the quality is
not that great. Nevertheless, Ines is the blond Polish pornstar videoted with juicy natural
tits and great looks.
I believe this scene was filmed near Ukraine’s border as the place is very familiar. I
used to hitchhike in this area. Now that I see the rocks I walked by in this light; it makes
me wonder… What other places did people have had sex on?

Sexy Susi
Do not expect to see any fun or exciting names, as most have blended Polish plus
English nicknames, like Sexy Susi. The European girls are super horny, and if you have
a small dick, tough luck. However, this girl does look Polish and with that orgasms at the
end, watch how hard her nipples become and how fucking beautiful these tits are.
She is using a vibrating mouth ring to quadruple the pleasure of another man and I am
not sure if this is the dude or the girl that made her cum like that. Susi had one of the
most satisfying orgasms I have seen in a long time there. So, for that, Sexy Susi takes
one of the higher spots on the list. Her hair looks greasy and unhealthy for some
reason, and that hairy pussy needs some cleaning too.