Top 10 Best Asian Pornstars (2023)

Top 10 Best Asian Pornstars (2023)

While looking for the best, hottest, and freshest Asian Pornstars who are still active (as of mid-2023), we couldn’t help but notice that many of them retired and moved into “acting” careers, which seems like a popular trend now. We do realize being a pornstar entails more than just having sex and fun. It takes skills to make you stand out from the crowd with incredible flexibility, god-level cock sucking abilities and moans that are definitely real (wink).

Here, we have a list of top 10 super sexy and talented Asian Pornstars.

Alina Li

Some of you might think that this sexy Asian queen was long overdue and that’s a valid criticism. But it is definitely worth seeing what the future holds for Alina Li, not to mention a better library of sex scenes. Consistency is key as dozens of random Asian pornstars stopped way too soon.

That’s a common pattern out there. Having proved her worthiness and steadily exceeding everyone’s expectations, Alina jumps straight to the top. Honoring the new queen of porn, with her incredibly sexy body that you just can’t get enough of.

Lulu Chu

Is there a greater feeling in the world than that of finding a pornstar that makes you harder than frozen chicken nuggets? We aren’t the only ones screaming her name, it seems. Lulu Chu is a Chinese spinner and megastar who pulls hundreds of thousands of viewers with every fresh upload.

Now, combine every release, calculate likes, comments, and the numbers get insane. She is easily in the top 5 all-time Asian pornstars by number of views and popularity.

There’s a solid chemistry between her and Kenzie and we don’t just talk one scene. Multiple clips exist of Lulu juicing Kenzie’s pussy and/or receiving a favor in return.

Rae Lil Black

Having never reached an orgasm and being disappointed by a portfolio of small dicks, Rae took a gamble and moved from Osaka (Japan) to Moscow. Why stay with a population that consists of the eldest, job-obsessed folks anyway?

The Eastern European studs have opened her to the new possibilities. As Rae Lil Black lay exhausted in bed, unable to walk, salivating with the fantasies of getting manhandled, a new idea came into her mind. Why not experience the rest of the world and taste men of all colors, shapes, and ethnicities?

That still rings true years later! You only have to stream a single scene to realize how much enjoyment she’s getting from sex.

Kianna Dior

If you want to see Asian pornstars with super big tits then Kianna Dior is the only logical choice. I know that people like to use animals for descriptions, but I just can’t think of anyIt’s tough to express my gratitude or emotions.

The Hollywood often uses animal analogies, but what does Kianna stand for? Fat women are whales, experienced guys in bed fuck like lions, and here? A fresh cum sock made of soft skin.

Saya Song

It smells of kinky Asian pornstars and Saya Song is one to take the blame. She comes slightly shy at first but then her true colors show up. Get over the shorthaired masculine look and smell the garden. It probably stinks of sweet cum, perfect inside a cup of coffee!

The plan is to continuously cover the body with new tattoos, Saya is a sexy Asian with character. Hard to tell if she’s obessed or artistic since too much ink can mean something unhealthy. We’ve started with over ten American-looking pornstars and now stirring the pot with authentic Asians.

Ember Snow

Ember is enjoying herself and a newly injected American freedom. Ember Snow looks like your down-to-earth girl, with a contagious smile and massive amounts of good emotions. Another hot Asian pornstar that does interracial stuff and honestly, Not just for looks (she is 9/10 if not ten by the way), but for personality. That might sound gay, but it’s hard to not fall in love with positive people.

Brenna Sparks

As messy as sex already is, especially with oils and shower scenes, Brenna took things to the zone of yeast infection. This Asian chick likes to level it up and do stuff that others do not dare to think. Ignoring the potential health risks and all the boring stuff, Brenna Sparks seems like a cute Asian chick.

Marica Hase

Finishing off (almost) with the Asian MILF (or a soon-to-be one), Marica is a pretty decent catch that seems to enjoy sex. That does tell you something because most just come for the money, this one comes to join. Sure, our top 10 picked only the greatest Asian wonders, so there’s some “honesty” to all of them and you don’t have to worry, but my point stands.


Okay, maybe one more, well-known name, at least for all you Asian gurus out there. By the way, this video pretty much sums up her skills and the roles she is willing to do to get more exposure, and hey, we welcome that. I also think that with her body, we should send her to the negotiations if any war ever happens, as these lips can bring peace and joy back to everyone’s lives.

Jayden Lee

Beautiful perky tits with stretched butthole and massage oil. These are just some of the carrier skills you would find in Jayden’s CV. A true ninja of anal pounding, creampies and facial GIFs. Also, having a nice, slightly Caucasian face makes her that much sexier.

Overall, we approve of this hot Asian pornstar. Bonus is, of course, her facial expressions and big dick energy groans. Of course, this list is up to the readers’ choice, as these stunning women may appear differently enticing to a variety of people in general. Let us know your
favorites and who you think should be the sexiest Asian Pornstar!