Top 8: Best Cosplay Pornstars & Porn Parodies (2023)

Cosplay Pornstars

Ten years ago, cosplay fetishes were not even a thing. Maybe one dude in his mom’s
basement had an urge to jerk off to a Spiderman, but masses did not even know about
such possibilities. If it wasn’t for shows like Comiconn, cosplay porn would not even be
a thing. The social media sites and Reddit are also to blame, spreading sexiness and
awareness. The thing with cosplay pornstars is that they are already hot. Even better
are porn agencies that create some of the best porn parodies on the market.
It does not matter how good or bad you dress them. All have cute faces, decent bodies,
and thousands of virgin dudes worshiping them. Don’t even argue, this is a cold truth.
Try dressing a fat whore in latex clothes and the Wonder Woman outfit. Yeah, that just
does not work.

AmieChan – Rainbow Dash
Warming up with a girl that you have never heard about. She does cosplay of My Little
Pony character called Rainbow Dash. It is the last place and the video is as creative as
Valentine’s greeting card. Pretty much anyone can buy rainbow panties and act this shit
out. I prefer looking in the mirror and checking that small ass over the front. Not sure
who would be into Amie, but it’s probably fans of the shittiest TV show out there.
I have not seen it, but this was my impression from the YouTube videos of “brony
parties” and just people suffering from a mental disorder. If you are one of them, please
let me know how I can get into the My Little Pony porn and see what you are seeing.
Unless you are into amateur performers that is.

Hidori Rose – Kyoko Kirigiri
This is Kyoko Kirigiri’s cosplay from the Danganronpa series. This girl has plenty of hot
and awful combined so let me start with the bad first. What the fuck is going on with
these crossed eyes? It looks like you are fucking a braindead chick or something close
to that department. Then there is a weird fake dildo that is shooting jizz. Do you find it
hot? Because I just can’t wrap my mind around it.
Yes, it implies fake cumshots, but you have a hose squirting juice down your asshole. It
looks more like Japanese porn to me than cosplay. Now, it does not matter how stupid
or unpleasant a pornstar is, if she is good-looking and has great curves, I can tolerate
that, and Hidori Rose is scoring A in this area.

6Kira Thorn – Harley Quinn
Just like how every bimbo must dress as a kinky nurse during Halloween, so does every
cunt in porn who puts a show cosplaying Harley Quinn. It’s one of the easiest looks to
pull off since neither the outfit nor the foundation requires any investment. Instead, you
get cheap nylon socks, a temporary dye at the “$1 grocery store”, done.
Despite low costs, the colorful transformation is always impressive, way better than any
other (simple) costume. Is Kira Thorn at least better than the real deal? Sure, if you go
with pussy overacting, character development, appearance, intelligence, or any other
traits that require skills. I feel like the true comics fans should know better and Kira is
just a stepping stone of what’s to come next. You’ll soon learn about the existence of
another, and even more enthusiastic babe.

Riley Steele – Tinkerbell & Vicki Chase – Tigerlily
It’s so good to move from the amateurs to professional sluts, with Riley Steele and Vicki
Chase. Unless you have had a fucked-up childhood, these are from Peter Pan. The
native American dude looks like a girl too, which makes me glad that we took over their
land and build the mega porn industry on top of that shit instead.
I know what you are thinking: is this cosplay porn? These pornstars took some cheap
clothing from the $1 store, applied bad make-up, and called themselves Tinkerbell and
Tigerlily. Having re-watched this scene a few times, it just dawned on me that the dude
looks cool and is not the “girly face” one I spoke about before.

Carter Cruise – Super Woman
If there is such a thing as a superwoman, she is in the kitchen, cleaning it all and
making something delicious, a steak for example. My girlfriend always forgot the
blowjob and steak day, which lasted until she dumped my ass. I am better now, but that
was the day I started fucking women like a real man.
Yes, just talking hardcore pounding, hair pulling, and cumming like a boss. I think that
Carter is one of the sexier pornstars in the industry and doing this cosplay thing as a
Super Woman or Supergirl, is quite fitting. Not the highest quality costume, but still well
made. You can see that we are getting better scenes now, with much better lighting,
characters, and porn studios. If this one excited you, wait till we hit the top 5.

Jennifer White – Star Wars Parody
The last parody from Wicked media house, and if you are considering buying a
membership there, don’t yet. They are in the middle of transition (acquired by another
company) so updates might not be as frequent as they should be, at least for a little
while. This parody, on the other hand, is so fucking good. You don’t have to enjoy
cosplay porn to get a boner out of the Star Wars sex scene.
It’s Star Wars, for fuck’s sake. The quality is spectacular, from the production values to
lighting and the girl, Jennifer White. It’s a match made in heaven. I strongly suggest you
watch this in Full HD and if possible, with headphones on. Maybe we will get a re-make
in 3D or VR in the future, which would kick ass.

Juelz Ventura – Avatar Parody
The Avatar parody porn phase might be over, but the memories remain. With such
widespread appeal and insane budgets, Avatar was one of the most successful movies
of the last decade. So it was only a matter of time for porn gurus to capitalize on its
success and shoot porn. Minus the white dick that should have been blue, this is
probably the best cosplay sex scene I have seen. Like a director’s cut from the movie
It’s as if James Cameron himself wrote a plot, hired actresses, and spent millions on the
CGI. Yes, we are placing Juelz as one of our favorite cosplay pornstars, although you
could argue that it is none of her doing. She did not hire porn parody producers or
create and apply make-up. Ventura just appeared in the right place at the right time.

Mia Bandini – Overwatch
This sex position surprised me, and I did not even think of it before realizing that it is the
hottest thing ever. You have four-zone stimulation at once.
Going from the top, it’s her beautiful asshole that is clinching as she moves, plus the
gaping pussy. Just a few inches lower the tits are already showing, and while there are
better angles to show you these puppies, this is a 4-in-1 solution that has some cons.
Lastly, a blowjob scene, and if you are into guys, his butt. I almost forgot that this was a
cosplay for Overwatch, one of the best games from Blizzard out there. My personal
favorite will always be StarCraft 1, followed by Warcraft 1 and 2, but these are old
people games that most of you haven’t even played.