Top 10: Best Pornstars with Short Hair Styles

Best Pornstars with Short Hair Styles

If you are not a fan of long hairstyles that look like that of a shampoo commercial then
don’t stress about it, we got you covered. We are even going to reach the full bald, 18-
year-old boy-like haircuts in this post (if you are into pornstars that look like cancer
patients) so there are plenty of hot actresses for you to check out. In addition, we are
curious, why exactly do you find short hairstyles so hot? Please leave a comment below
and let us know, everyone is curious.
Anyway, enough of chit-chat, let’s begin. We’ll keep the list fresh.

Sammie Daniels
Sammie Daniels is among the prettiest short-haired performers who plays with black
and white keys almost as good as she plays with male units. Chubby sluts don’t look
great trimmed, although they never look good. What makes Sammie shine is the combo
of beautiful blond locks and the tiny figure that is so cherished these days. So be it in
adult movies or fashion magazines.
If the rest of the pornstars are as sexy as Sammie, you’ll have trouble keeping your dick
up. By the time we’re done, it will collapse from exhaustion.

Veronica Vanoza
How short can one trim their hair before it’s too much and you asked them to leave?
Fuck her in the balcony like shown above or do it in the street. It’s not like your moral
compass is working. My armpits have more fluff than there’s growth on Veronica’s head.
Still, we excessively enjoy natural tits, an honest smile, and a clean, shaved pussy. You
can, however, cum on the patch and let it dry before peeling away.
Long-time fans can’t have enough, which gives Vanoza the strength to keep going.
There were some ramblings about pornstar’s retirement but that’s yet to happen.

The most obvious choice for pornstars with short hair is Belladonna. Pretty much
everyone expected her, so here she is. But, is Belladonna famous or what? A bit too
fucked up pornstar and too kinky for the mainstream porn viewer. Yet, that means she
does not have many sluts to compete with, resulting in her amazing fortune in millions of
dollars. I bet you never expected that, did you?
Solid scenes all time around, with a nympho-like fucking and going all in, without any
stops or breaks. If you are into short-haired hardcore performers, go with this one.

Mila Milan
Some male performers take great pleasure at cumming all over long hair. So, what do
you do if your partner has a male-like haircut shorter than in the Army of Men? You
swallow as many cum volume-enhancing supplements as possible and explode all over
her face. The load is impressive, and Mila Milan is almost into it.
Too bad about the spitting-out part, which is why we can’t rank her higher than she is.
Learn to eat that cum! Like how fat whales eat burgers, you will move to a higher tier
and get better pay.

Allie Sin
This redhead pornstar has no shame, and just to show you her cute side, we have a
special cut on the left. Imagine meeting her in real life, near the retro gaming machines,
and all that. I bet you’d never think that she is as slutty as a pornstar can be.
Allie ate more semen than hundreds of girls outside the porn industry. Considering her
telling last name, I’d say it suits her perfectly. Oh, and on top of that, she does have
short hair and does porn. Perfect for our top 20.

Emylia Argan
You could confuse Emylia with a lesbian pornstar, considering her short hair and
lesbian-like hairstyle. The good news? She is open to any kind of sex if it’s nothing
illegal. A large mole on her stomach is the only part that annoys me, but the natural
perky breasts and slim figure more than make up for it.
Emylia’s latest scenes are mostly women (like 3 out of 4) and she has grown a lot of
hair in the last year. Still a short-haired pornstar and one of the hotter. You can find her
with black or white dicks, hair, and shaved pussy, fucking indoors, or outdoors. She is a
rather universal performer who signups for anything, and is from Europe.

Loulou Petite
No matter how often pornstars go for a threesome, they always freak out at the first
shot, as if it was happening for the first time. However, unlike most pornstars with short
hairstyles, Loulou Petite cut her hair even further. Her latest scenes (this one is not one
of them but still a hot classic) feature her with trashy make-up and hair that could
outmatch Belladonna.
Born and raised in the United Kingdom, you watch your boner disappear or cum at the
speed of running Jaguar while she speaks. I usually don’t mind the British accent, so
this does not ruin it. Also, how often do these pornstars talk anyway?

Joslyn James
Now Joslyn is a one-trick pony since in some videos she is rocking super long hair
(probably hair extensions) and in others, looking like a fucked person post-chemo
treatment. Anyhow, Joslyn is a perfect porn star to massage and ass fuck.
Too bad you can’t pull her hair out (assuming you are into that kind of BDSM porn). But
if bald pornstars are not your thing, there are plenty more hot ones to choose from.

Cadey Mercury
Well, here we have Cadey, which (unfortunately) rocks glasses in this scene. However,
we have specifically selected this one so there is a pornstar for everyone, bald, tattoos,
glasses, or ginger, it is all about the variety. Cadey has a decent pair of tits and a petite
body, so mixed with short hair, she looks like a young man? I guess that is the point of
her look.
Save that box for your wife as this slut doesn’t need any cover. Could confuse her for
emotionally unstable emo from a certain angle.

Maria Ozawa
Okay, if you ever wondered whether there are hot pornstars with short hair that are also
Asian, let me introduce Maria Ozawa. She seems to be a mini-celebrity in her homeland
while at the same time she is being fucked by multiple dicks.
Oh, and it just hit me, it looks like most Asian women have short or medium to short
hair? So it looks like their genetics did not favor their hair; for the sake of this list, it is a
very good thing.