What are the benefits of sex?

Sex is not only entertainment, it’s also beneficial for your health. Everyone wants to
be healthy sex and wants to enjoy it. Sex has many benefits for you. It saves you from
different diseases and improves your health.

Here is a question generated in every
mind, how many times we do have sex in a week or month which is healthy.
Different categories of age need to adjust their sex activity according to their health.
From the age of 20 to 30, you can do two-time sex. Which is considered healthy sex.
But there is no restriction for a couple, they can do as they want. Some benefits of sex
are described here.

Control your blood pressure:

Sex is a time of enjoyment. Due to your daily routine, you may victim of blood
pressure then a proper sex activity put you out of it.
Two-time sex in a week remains healthy and your blood pressure remains normal.
Your heart works normally if you have proper sex activity for a week than those who
have not.

Remove stress and better sleep:

Sex is fun and you enjoy it as you want. When you are under stress and want to get
out of it. You can do a sexy activity with your sex partner and get out of stress.
Because after sex you feel relaxed and your mind focuses on the issue with full
After a sexual action, your body relaxed and wants to rest. Because after sex your
energy consume fully and you feel a relaxed and sleep enough. This will increase your
sexual desire.

It’s like an exercise:

During exercise, you burn a number of calories, and your muscle works. In the same
case in sex, you perform an exercise here. You burn many calories during sex. Almost
every part of your body is active during sex. Your muscles also perform an action.
According to science, you burn 5 calories per minute in sex. This shows that, if you
have a proper sex activity and also you take regular exercise, then you have a healthy

Increases your libido:

Are you want to increase your libido? Then you need to do more sex and sex. When
you perform sex then for some time your libido amount decreases. After this, our body
system automatically works on it and increases its quantity. It also increases your
desire for sex.
So, you need to believe it, for more libido you have to have sex.

Bottom lines:

A healthy sex activity protects you from different diseases but at the same time, it
gives you many more benefits. It increases your thinking level because your mind
works properly. Better sex also improve your look and maintain your body weight
Healthy sex releases estrogen and testosterone from your body. So, you look like a
young man and attractive looking. Sex also has an impact on your life period, If you
have proper sexual activity in your life, then it is a way to extend your lifespan.