Top 14 Of The Highest Paid Adult Film Stars

Contrary to what a lot of people think, not all porn stars are in the profession due to a lack of money or options. They might have started out acting in adult films due to a lack of money, but they stuck around because, as is evident, if you hit the big time, you can get paid big time. In
fact, some of the richest adult actors in the world today don’t even make their money from smashing uglies, they make it from their own businesses and products, such as sex toys, booksand other things they put their name on.Here are some of the highest paid adult actors!

Jenna Jameson

Porn legend turned webcam model and entrepreneur Jenna Jameson is known as the queen of

the genre. Her massive net worth is due to the wide range her brand is associated with,

including books, memorabilia and other products. She also made some major dough from

selling her website to Playboy.

Tera Patrick

Tera started acting in adult films in 1999 and went on to become super popular, appearing on

mainstream TV shows, other appearances and generally being one of the few successful porn

actors to hit the big time. She quit acting in porn in 2008, but continues to keep that bank

balance high by operating her website, production company, and other business ventures.

Peter North

Peter North, another legend of the industry, has appeared in over 2000 adult films, directed

more than 70 movies, produced 20 movies and runs his own production company called

Northstar Associates. He’s almost 60, but he’s also rich, and seems pretty happy with himself

most of the time.

Traci Lords

Traci acted in several pornographic films before quitting it all and making the transition to

mainstream cinema. She has appeared in movies like Blade and Zack And Miri Make A Porno,

and has a pretty impressive bank balance to show for it.

Jesse Jane

Jesse Jane has received numerous award for her performances in adult films, and she is also a

celebrated Penthouse model. She also has her own brand and line of sex toys as well as her

own line of tequila, and is all in all one of the big names of porn, and thereby very highly paid.

Maria Takagi

Maria is a Japanese actress who started her career as a model before going on to do roles in

adult TV shows, where she would usually play the role of a charlatan seducing married men.

She has also appeared in several mainstream movies and shows.

Ron Jeremy

The inimitable Ron Jeremy, with his trademark moustache, has acted in 2216 movies and

directed 285 adult films. He’s considered one of the greatest porn stars of all time, has slept

with almost 5000 women and he’s rich. Proof that looks don’t matter, but size does.

Bree Olson

Bree Olson has worked with some of the biggest companies in the porn industry, and has made

big bucks at a really young age. She’s been in Penthouse as a model and also appeared in some

TV shows, all at by the age of 29.

Katie Morgan

Katie actually first entered the porn industry to make money to pay off her bail after being

arrested for transporting 45 kilos of weed! That’s pretty badass. She soon became a star, and

recently transitioned to mainstream cinema, making good money in the process.

Lexington Steele

Another veteran of the porn industry, American Lex Steele has acted in more than a 1000 adult

films, directed more than a 100 and made appearances in mainstream TV as well. He was a

stockbroker before he joined the industry.

Jenna Haze

American model and former porn star Jenna Haze is an adult film hall of fame inductee. She has

won several awards and appeared in mainstream movies like Superbad as well.

Evan Seinfield

The multi talented Evan has appeared on most of his adult films under the name Spyder Jonez

(lame, I know). He is also the founder of hardcore band Biohazard, and he has appeared on the

HBO show OZ as well.

Gianna Michaels

Gianna has appeared in almost 500 adult films and is a well recognised personality in the

industry. She is also one of the highest paid actresses in porn today.

Sasha Grey

She might have quit porn, but her legacy lives on. Sasha Grey made the successful move into

the mainstream, doing movies with the likes of Elijah Wood, but not before she commanded

huge sums for her porn performances.