Highest Paid Pornstar in 2023 – Updated List

Highest Paid Pornstar in 2023

The porn industry is a volatile one. While it brings nothing for many young actors and actresses who only appear in a couple of videos without making a significant income, for some it is a gold mine. It all comes down to how appealing you are to the audience. 

For those who are only venturing into this industry for the first time, the income isn’t amazing and it is around $1000 for a scene and even less in some cases. For established pornstars, this number is much bigger, and it keeps growing for a selected few. The best part is that when you become a celeb in this section of the movie industry you can make money out of your side hustles.

Most actors in the porn industry start directing movies, making sex toys like the ones from XingHaoya, or simply using social media to their advantage. All of this can create amazing income, and this is the reason why we have highest paid Pornstars, both female and male. 

It is not the easiest path to success but we could argue that it is much easier for pornstars these days than it was back in the day when there were no social networks. You will be surprised with the amount some of these actors made thought their careers. Let’s see the six highest paid Pornstars in 2023.

1. Danny Mountain

Danny is one of the youngest actors on this list, but he already managed to make a name for himself as a highest paid pornstar in the industry which generated income on his part. Mountain is not a top earner by any means but 2.8 million is nothing to scoff at.

We can say his wealth is only going to grow in the future as he has all intangibles to succeed in the industry in the long run. We can only follow his career closely, a considering his career path it’s only a matter of time when he’s going to break the $5 million mark trying to push for the $10 million mountain which is a number that’s not easy to attain, despite the popularity some of these actors generate in modern Society.

2. Sasha Grey

Sasha Grey comes around at $3 million which is quite a sum for this perky girl. This sum comes as even greater considering she’s been out of the industry for a while. This hasn’t stopped her from earning, as she found other ventures that could fill her pockets. These days she’s not only a pornstar, but she also found herself working as a regular actress, model, and musician.

Her innocent look took the porn industry by storm and she was one of the most popular female pornstars for a while. Sasha was rather kinky back in the day featuring in many BDSM, anal, and lesbian videos. If you like fetish then you love Sasha Grey. Some fans who are not much into porn probably remember her for her roles in The Girlfriend Experience and HBO show Entourage.

3. Nikki Benz

Nikki Benz is also lingering in the $3 million regions, and we must say this surprises us the most, as she is a well-renowned pornstar with numerous videos in her career. Many fans will list her as their favorite pornstar when asked about the MILF. While not being originally American, pulling root from Canada and Ukraine, she is well established US pornstar and we refuse to see her as anything else.

Today she is one of the most experienced pornstars considering that she first entered the industry at the fragile age of 21. Fast forward to today, and we have one of the actresses that are considered unparalleled in the world of MILF’s. Her popularity is without a doubt great which you can see with all the accolades she earned through her career. This will continue in the future too, as xxxbios.com is having her listed as one of the top 30 hottest blonde pornstars in 2023. Good for you Nikki.

4. Johnny Sins

We can’t make this list of highest paid pornstar without Johnny. The man who can do it all, appearing in videos acting as a CEO, plumber, limousine driver, athlete, and even cable TV guy. 

Sins can do it all which is why his earnings are estimated to be around $5 million. Sins are considered one of the faces which are most recognizable to a younger audience. This is quite an achievement for a man who is about to enter the fifth decade. Johnny started his career back in 2006 and so far he has an appearance in more than 300 videos.

This number will certainly grow as he’s just entering his prime. Also, he’s trying to find himself in the YouTube niche which is yet another good way to make income, we’re rooting for you, Johnny.

5. Lisa Ann

No Highest Paid Pornstar list of this kind can go about without Lisa Ann. She’s one of the synonymous  with MILF pornstars and there isn’t a teenager not knowing her name. Lisa made a name for herself early in her career and her later cooperation with famous network Brazzers only helped cement her legacy.

Thanks to the more than 300 videos to her name throughout her career and much more incoming she’s managed to make more than $5 million. While her porn career is on a break, we have no doubt she will be back, just like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Terminator. In the mid-time, you can enjoy her company by watching her podcast.

6. Bree Olson

Olson is also one of the highest paid pornstars in the industry. She is also standing in the $5 million region which should be much more considering she’s a bonafide celebrity. The 35-year-old managed to appear in more than 250 movies, but her fame mostly comes from her relationship with Charlie Sheen. Just like in most cases in the US when we have a celeb 

connections like this one the tabloids went mad. She’s been retired for a while now, but she still makes quite an earning out of her name. We’re not sure is it because of Charlie of her talent but she managed to get a role in quite a few horror movies including Director’s Cut and The Human Centipede 3.