Top 8: Hottest Brazilian Pornstars (2024)

Brazilian Pornstars

Minus the weird farting porn fetishes, Brazilian pornstars are also
known for their great butts and luscious bodies. The most surprising
thing for us was that there aren’t a lot of hot Brazilian pornstars (wait
for me to finish) that went mainstream and are highly successful in the
adult business.

My last two visits to Brazil were full of pleasant
experiences and memories. The food served was fresh, with so many
interesting flavors and spice combinations that my taste receptors did
not know what the fuck to do with all the cool stuff.

They always served Cachaca in the shot glasses and we have finished every single drop of it.

I can’t say I remember the rest, but Brazil is superb.

The girls were friendly and were eyeing me all the fucking time; that, of course, does not mean much to you,

but if you have a chance, take a trip to Brazil. The second-best thing that you can do in the meanwhile is…

Watch porn with Brazilian pornstars and we have a tasty package for you today.

Sheila Marie

Ever wanted to see what does the ass seizure looks like? Faster does
not always mean sexier and whether that’s the case with this, paleskinned Brazilian pornstar depends on your mood.

You are watching Sheila’s best qualities right now and once she turns around, things will
drop from 9/10 to 6/10, which explains her spot-on site.
I think that porn has spoiled many of us, in real life, we would fuck and
taste a drunk slut on her period while behind our screens we are not
satisfied with anything below 9. But, she is good-looking, don’t let my
spoiled brain fool you.

Julia Fontanelli

Brazil often gets a bad rep for its crime rate, corruption, or related
reasons. Even the president is under fire for mismanaging the latest
health crisis. Thankfully, at least there’s no shortage of colorful dicks,
and Julia is too excited to sit still. Surely, there’s no exaggeration about
our part since it took only several seconds for Fontanelli to get anxious.
All because the guy has decided to pull out.
With a pussy that looks like an overused German Autobahn, our
Brazilian pornstar smells of a perfect matured catch. Flimsy earrings,
weird boobs, blond hair, cheap green bikini… What is there not to love
about her?

Dasani Lezian

Who is Dasani Lezian and why should one seek her videos? Her nicely
shaped butt should explain all the reasons. Most of her scenes are with
older men, which could appeal to the minor audience of RedBled, but
we try to cover everyone. Did plenty of solo videos, threesomes,
interracial porn, and throat fucking shots.
The further you return to Dasani’s timeline, the better she looks. Can’t
fight against the aging process, so if you are not digging her latest work,
watch the early scenes at least.

Marilyn Mansion

Uh, why would anyone use that alias? The trashiest adult performer
from Brazil and with a pussy that always has a line or two of trimmed
hair. Loose asshole, tits that are balancing between the perky or saggy
line, short hair, and the attention-grabbing pink earrings. When was the
last time you have seen a real-life woman with such hoops? Likely years
Marilyn loves to act dirty and be a whore that men want to fuck. One of
those pornstars when you are in a mood for hardcore porn. She has a
perfect look to pull this off, which makes her performance even spicier!

Jennifer Giardini

Should I be aroused or concerned and call 911? That’s a real girl and
was sentenced to death by snu-snu. Jennifer Giardini shows no mercy
regarding face-riding porn scenes, it’s her specialty and fan favorite. So
please, for your good, watch any of her videos. In 9 out of 10 scenes
Jennifer will sit on another pornstar’s face and begin her mating ritual.
One of the most unique performers that unfortunately is not as active
as we have hoped for. Haven’t seen any other pornstar that could
match her grinding skills, stamina, or “not giving a fuck till orgasm”

Regina Rizzi

By now you should already be horny and it’s not going to get any easier
with Regina Rizzi behind the wheel. That’s a perfect Brazilian pornstar
body, including the tan lines that many people hate. I am one of them
for all but Brazilian girls. It’s kind of dirty?
Shove her head in the pillow, grab a gigantic butt, spread Rizzi’s cheeks,
and turn on the RPMs on your tongue to the supersonic levels. I’d dine
on her ass and pussy juices till my hair falls out. We love bubble butts,
and this is one of the roundest, bubbliest out there. A 100% Brazilian,
born and raised in Teutonia, Rio Grande do Sul.

Bruna Ferraz

The tricky part with girls like Bruna is that you are unsure if their ass is
that fucking huge because of their genes or body fat. She is not a fat
pornstar but could be tagged as a chubby one, sitting pretty much inbetween regular body and bit obese. That Brazilian butt is a work of art;
if I knew any famous painters or sculptors from the country, this would
be their piece.
Sometimes I am impressed at the strength of these female pornstars,
with such a gigantic ass, you must have great muscle control and
stamina to keep jumping up and down like Bruna. This is now a second
Brazilian pornstar that is fucking with a condom. It would not be a
problem if it did not pop so much and kept distracting you from
enjoying this scene.

Sophia Fiore

At the bottom of the barrel (despite the original quote meaning) we are
starting to find the hottest Brazilian pornstars of them all, and things
are only going to improve. Sophia Fiore is an absolute beast of sexiness
and hotness. The epitome of a babe and the Cleopatra of Brazil.
Incredible dick-sucking lips, the delicious butt of epic proportions, and a
nice pair of boobs to complete the package.
How long could one last with a beauty like herself? Likely less than a
few minutes. Fucking her would be one of the hardest battles between
your on the edge of orgasms dick and your mind.