How to Make a Masturbator

How to Make a Masturbator

Weary hands, with thousands of hours of hard work bringing you relief, begin to ache. You realize that you can’t possibly jerk off again, wishing you had the real thing by your side now. We’ve all been there.

A masturbator is the next best thing to a hot, willing partner. It’s exactly what you think it is — a sex toy that you can use to assist your masturbation scene. And If you need any help with practicing masturbation,the team at School of Squirt got some amazing techniques that you can learn. 

By the way, masturbators aren’t exactly a new thing; they’ve been around for a long time in one form or another. Only recently have we taken the art of making faux orifices to the next level.Socks, sponges, and fleshlights all serve the same purpose, regardless of how different they are. 

You can use them to rest your hands, or you can simply think of them as better alternatives to masturbation. That’s why everyone needs to know how to make a homemade Masturbator. Before you get to simulate sex, though, you need to know how to make your own fleshlight.

How to Make a Homemade Masturbator

As we’ve already stated, we’ll start with simple methods of how to make a masturbator and work our way up.The focus will be on the complexity of each toy, the time it takes to make it, and the necessary components. Besides showing you how to make a pocket pussy, we’ll also provide you with an overview of a masturbator’s pros and cons, and cover any safety concerns you

should be aware of. So, how to make your own fleshlight?

How to Make a Masturbator out of Towels and a Latex Glove/Condom

Probably the simplest of all methods, this one requires nothing but a single towel and a latex glove or a condom. This is the best and easiest one to start with if you’re just learning how to make a homemade masturbator.

Making your own fleshlight out of household items sounds almost too good to be true, but it’s possible. So, how to make your own masturbator using nothing but a towel and a glove? In fact, there are two common methods of making a toy this 

way, depending on how you handle the towel.You can either fold or roll the towel and then place the latex glove or the condom inside it to mimic a pocket pussy. You’ll have a masturbator that’s also easy to dismantle in no time. That’s essential if you don’t want your guests to accidentally 

stumble upon your collection of obvious sex toys. Let’s start with a folded towel.

Folded Towel and Latex Glove/Condom

Wondering how to make a male masturbator that’s easy to put together and even easier to dismantle? Grab the nearest towel and we’ll show you how to make your own fleshlight out of it.

You’ll need:

A small towel

Latex gloves or a condom

A rubber band

Fold the towel a couple of times until you’re left with a long and narrow shape. Place the latex glove at one of the ends, making sure the cuff hangs over the edge.Take the other end and fold the towel in half over the glove. The glove should now be inside the folded towel, with only the cuff hanging out. Take the cuff now, and stretch it enough so that you can roll it over the ends of the towel. Secure the cuff of the glove with a rubber band so that it doesn’t roll back.

This is probably the easiest method of how to make a homemade masturbator without any hassle. The end result should be a rubbery hole that you can stick your member into. Don’t forget to lube up before diving into your new sex toy.

Rolled Towel and Latex Glove/Condom

We’ve covered folding, but how to make your own fleshlight out of a rolled towel? It’s a fairly straightforward process, and you might find it more appealing than simply folding the towel.

You’ll need more or less the same set of items:

A small towel

Toothpaste tube

Latex glove or a condom

Two rubber bands

Grab your soon-to-be-penetrated towel and fold it once lengthwise. Take the toothpaste tube and place it inside the latex glove. Keep in mind that the tube should imitate your junk. That’s why you can use anything that approximates the size of your member, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the toothpaste tube.Place the glove with the phallic item inside it near one end of the towel. Again, the cuff of the glove should be hanging over the edge. Start rolling the towel from 

the end closest to where you placed the glove.Once you’ve rolled the towel over the glove once or twice, expand the cuff over the roll. Then, continue rolling until you use up the entire length of the towel so as to keep the stretched glove in place. Once you’ve rolled it up completely, you can use the two rubber bands to secure both ends of the towel.Remove the toothpaste tube or any other item you’ve used from the glove, lube up, and have some crazy fun. You’ve just learned how to make a homemade masturbator out of a towel!


You just learned how to make your own fleshlight. There must be at least one pocket pussy out of all those we mentioned that suits your needs. Some of them are so easy to make and don’t require any effort on your part that you simply must try them. At least give your old pair of socks a chance — they’re usually the best answer to the question of how to make a masturbator!