How To Sell Fetish Photos & Videos

How To Sell Fetish Photos & Videos

Selling homemade, amateur adult content is extremely popular these days and for a good reason – it’s a pretty profitable industry. But did you know that you can also make money selling adult content without taking your clothes off? 

If you’re wondering how this is possible, we have two words for you – fetish content.In fact, it seems that the fetish market is even more profitable than the mainstream amateur porn market. This is possible because the fetish content market allows you to sell pretty much anything you can imagine and a few things you can’t begin to imagine.

Best selling fetish content

Here, we will explain we how to sell fetish photos and videos, as well as what fetish content sells and what brings the largest profits. Let’s introduce some of the most common and best-selling fetishes first.There’s no need to explain what foot fetish is. Femdom is another prominent fetish, short for female dominant. This is pretty self-explanatory – people who have this fetish are aroused when dominated by a woman.

Findomme (financial dominant) is a fetish that not many people are familiar with. In short, people with the findomme fetish are aroused when a person dominates and humiliates them in exchange for money. This is another great way for girls to make money.Here, the submissives are most commonly called pay pigs. They are usually male (but females can take over this role as well) and they’re also referred to as money slaves. The pay pigs typically pay the findommes in cash or Amazon gifts. In certain cases, the pay pigs even offer findommes to cover their bills or beg to spend more money on them.

Face stuffing usually entails literally stuffing your face with food, or to be more precise, eating like a pig. The point is that you eat as much as you possibly can. Weight gaining goes hand in hand with this fetish. This means that thicker girls are more successful in this niche than slim and fit women.

Nose fetish is a sexual attraction to noses. Some people have a preference in terms of shape and size. Some are aroused by the physical contact of a person’s nose, some by stuffing things into another’s nose such as their fingers, some by fantasies of penetrating the nostrils. Some are even aroused by the idea of transforming a partner’s nose into, for example, a pig’s snout. Closely related to this is the sneezing fetish. And believe it or not, both of these are extremely popular on Clips4Sale.

Balloon fetish is another rather unusual fetish that has its own niche and sells particularly well. It pretty much means that some people find balloons sexually arousing. This can mean masturbation with balloons arouses them, using them on their partner, or just having sex in the presence of balloons arouses them. In the case of camming, it means that people are attracted to watching girls playing with balloons, sitting around in sexy clothing around balloons, or even popping balloons.

And these are just the tip of the iceberg! There are many more fetishes, such as burping, armpits fetish, vacuuming fetish… the list goes on and on.

Where can you sell fetish videos and photos?

So now that we’ve briefly explained the most profitable fetishes, let’s deal with the platforms that you can use to sell fetish content. You can sell fetish content on almost any camming or amateur porn website. But there are two platforms 

where fetishes are especially successful – Clips4Sale and iWantClips. Bear in mind that fetish content typically costs more than vanilla porn, because only a handful of people are participating in the market. Little competition always equals higher prices.

However, if you’re interested in becoming a findomme, you will have to use specific platforms designed to match findommes with pay pigs. When it comes to selling foot fetish videos and photos, Instagram is your best bet. We will cover all of this in greater detail later in our article.

Amateur porn and fetish platforms

Although YooGirls allows you to sell all kinds of kinky stuff, this is mainly a fetish  and femdom platform. It’s not quite as popular as the others on our list, but it’s a good place to start. YooGirls is particularly popular in Germany, so you’ll find lots of German clients on here.

The most popular fetishes on this site include foot fetish, BBW, femdom, socks, findomme, humiliation, and masturbation instructions. It’s important to note that YooGirls does not allow nudity or any kind of hardcore material. If you’re not comfortable taking your clothes, but you still want to earn money from fetishes, this website should be your go-to option.

Clips4Sale is a site that contains all sorts of fetish content. In fact, there’s something for every imaginable fetish here. Clips4Sale is also one of the best amateur platforms that allows you to sell fetish videos and photos.

iWantClips is a much better choice for experienced fetish models. It allows you to keep a larger share of your earnings – 70%, which is slightly higher than 60%.In addition to that, you can set considerably higher prices on iWantClips than on Clips4Sale. Still, the prices of 10-minute videos range from $10 and $40, depending on the model’s popularity. You’ll be hard pressed to find a fetish site  that pays better than this.

Fetish models typically start with Clips4Sale until they gain some popularity and  gather a following. Then, they move on to iWantClips to better monetize their online presence and earn more. In addition to making a public Snapchat account that you will use for promotion, you can also make a premium Snapchat account. This is basically a private account that contains premium, gated content.