Top 8 Kiwi Pornstars from New Zealand 2023

Kiwi Pornstars

Having never visited New Zealand, porn awakened my curiosity. Especially the
thoughts of Kiwi pornstars having sex. How do their tempers differ from fuck of
other countries? It was all for research purposes. Compared to New Zealand wher
you only have a few actresses doing nudity, it was brutal to research and find some
decent videos for every one of them.
This is the only Kiwi pornstars post right now that gives you more names than just Liz
Shaw. It will not be the best top 10, but this is the maximum amount of porn and
erotica you can squeeze out of Kiwis. Lots of Playboy shots, some The
Fappening videos from celebrities that act as if they fuck and more.
Here are both models as well as pornstars combined into a package.

Tavalia Griffin (Tavalia Savage)

Don’t ask for more because Tavalia’s videos are scarce and there are no new uploads
since 2003. It has been almost 20 years since her retirement and there aren’t enough
pornstars from New Zealand to replace her. At least the video is in color and includes
a friendly foreskin inspection with a butthole. Sucked on big black dicks, filmed a few
threesome scenes, and tested double penetration’s joys (or pussy wall limits).


Taken from PornHub’s free videos section, Alice is a rising solo performer that only
does private shows. Maybe smart brains will snag her up for a mainstream push, but
I wouldn’t bet on it. The fanbase isn’t there yet. Also, let’s get real for a moment, we
wouldn’t even be talking about Maia if it weren’t for the lack of New Zealanders in
the first place. The personality traits are unclear and so are the sexual relationship
preferences. The content isn’t class-leading either; she is like a blank book waiting
for a genuine writer.
Now, that’s Alice’s chance to shine and push some good content before the spotlight
moves away to other models. So I shall return in six months and let you know in early

Gina Bellman

Despite the poor video, you can see Gina doing or at least some porn imitation.
Before seeing this cut, I thought that there are no great pornstars from New Zealand
and all women living there are allergic to cum. Gina has proved me wrong. Although,
for being one of the earlier pornstars, she does look fabulous.
Usually, older porn has hairy or just nasty-looking individuals, but not miss Bellman.
Oh, and before we forget, this was just a lie. Gina is an actress and that is it. There is
just one scene with her on PornHub and we have it right here. This one is from 1989
and, believe it or not, Gina is still acting, not in adult business but TV and all that
mainstream crap. Talk about never-ending jobs and dedication.

Melanie Lynskey

Stop freaking out, as we haven’t even reached the top ten spots, it’s all about
opening the scenery (or post in this case) with something warm and fuzzy. On the
left, you have Melanie Lynskey. Unfortunately, we could not find 12 pornstars (which
is what we usually do, instead of showing you just the top 10, going a few steps
beyond), so instead, you have an actress from New Zealand and a famous one.
It’s all nudity relate and if you haven’t seen Kiwi tits yet, here is your first peek at
these, suntanned, love bubbles. So much better than the other chick’s, don’t even
know her name but all I see there are skin, bones, and peeping milk warts. Melanie
does not give a fuck and just stares at the camera blankly. Not the sexiest thing we
have seen.

Gwendoline Taylor

The true pornstars are so close that I almost feel it. This is another video from a
random “TV Show” that always shows shit like that, Spartacus or whatever it’s called.
It is sitting on the line between softcore erotica and “acting”. Both actors are
grinding and feeling each other’s genitals.
Unless there is a secret cup on balls or invisible tape. Some will tag this as a cheap
way to gain ratings while retarded people will treat this as art. There is nothing artsy
about two people pretending that they fuck, and I am certain that the tv-series plot
does not require such scenes in the first place. Anyway, there is still one more New
Zealand “fake porn actress” that we need to cover, and likely the best one of them

Anna Hutchison

Right, so this is fucking porn. There is no question about it. Don’t argue and stop
wasting your and my time. I am sure it smells like sex too. Popping champagne on
the breasts, grinding, and neck kissing. At least they are having fun, it watches almost
like a sex tape. My theory is that some genius producers hire actresses, give them a
script they never properly read, and sign the contract.
It says that in case of early termination by the actress, she must pay a fine. So, they
are shooting the scene, up five seasons when suddenly he tells you: get naked, bitch,
start stroking that dick as per script. For the fish tricked into biting that dirty bait,
there is no choice but to follow it all.

Rose McIver

A possible future New Zealand pornstar, Rose Mclver that also receives best actress
awards as easily as you clean cum with you tongue. This model has a nickname of
“undead slut”. Still trying to get the overall impression on Kiwi girls and what are
they like in bed. So far, these reminds me of sluts from United Kingdom, and the
accent is similar too. The talk is fucking funny, and as scripted as a “true to life” porn
could be.
Nonetheless, we are happy to finally see some girls that have sex in front of the
camera and are not old skanks.

Gemma Lee Farrell

Get ready for Playboy “pornstars” that mostly do nude modeling, but at least they
are warming up to the idea of selling their bodies for that New Zealand dollar. You
will soon discover that so many beautiful women from New Zeeland are doing photo
and video shoots like this one. If you are from this country, could you please let us
know if any of those are known to you and the general public? Just wondering about
the overall opinion on them, and if it’s enforced or judged in your country.