Top 10: Male Pornstars with Biggest Dicks

Top 10: Male Pornstars with Biggest Dicks

After making dozens of top 10 lists, mostly related to females, we have decided to
switch things up and go for something big and different. Some men like watching
porn performers with the smallest dicks while others do not have any preference.
However, this list is a bit different and features nothing but the biggest cocks on
the planet. Be it black, white, or some combination of both, we will cover them

Chris Charming

This is more of an honorable mention than anything else. Just to show you what
the big white dicks looked like in the early days. It’s weird, one decade you get
praised as the king and the owner of one of the largest cocks, and the next
decade you are just a little bit above average. Live if strange, my man. Anyone
wonders how large will the average cock in porn be in 20 years from now? Likely 5
inches more than all current monster sizes.

Romane (Gay)

Now, this guy is there to warm up our list and move on into really giant BBCs or
BWCs. Still, much larger than your average, and if you want to play the unfair
game… Go ahead, compare it to some Asian dude cock, that would be like putting
together a grain of rice and a banana. But, I want to know, what does it feel like to
have a giant cock? Do you get fewer or more sensations, considering the skin
nerves…? Do they cover the dick evenly, or are more widespread compared to a
small cock? The people must know. He might not even appear that big among
other guys, but he will surely be a force to reckon with in the gym shower.

Billy Glide

Professional bodybuilders have fewer veins than there are on Billy’s impressive
unit. So, using the scientific measurement methods, we can conclude that his cock
size is 7 inches or 17.78 cm. You know, not manipulating the measuring tape by
stuffing it so deep inside your abdomen that it comes out from another end. As
impressive as Billy Glide’s fat dick is, it has since been cremated, no joke. Long
story short, the big dick owner has passed away due to alcohol poisoning. It
shows that people don’t appreciate what they have and always want more. Either
fame, length, cash, or random women.

Preston Parker

Around 6.5 inches (16.5 cm) in length, Preston does have a unit to be proud of. At
the age of 41, he still appears to be active on major porn sites. Be it Brazzers,
Digital Playground, or Reality Kings. His face will be familiar if you’ve had a
membership on any popular network. Compared to female pornstars, he still has
many more years to go although his popularity is not exactly exploding. Maybe
other males are just jealous of huge cocks? His performance is always spot-on and
does indicate over ten years of professional fucking. His style, on the other hand,
is plain and boring. Beautiful women don’t act great in bed and some men with
the sizeable unit have no pressure to put much effort too.

Shorty Mac

Do you see what happens to women’s pussies when they get penetrated by
massive cocks like this one? They look worse than post-giving birth. According to
Internet rumors, Shorty has been pushing his cock to the absolute limits, always
using penis pumps and other enlargement methods. Around 5″ (12.7 cm) in
length but 8″ (20 cm) girth. He is one of the best male pornstars with the fattest
cock. I think that conversation about this male pornstar could be one of the most
hilarious. “You are going to get fucked by Shorty Mac tonight”, “Shorty? How big
is his cock…?” And then a force of 1,000 enraged Devils plows her asshole.

Damion Dayski

It could be a cocky attitude or bland Twitter comments, but some people have
strong (and negative) opinions about Damion. While some say that his whole
personality is nothing but big cock energy, we are here to watch chicks choke, not
for drama. The smaller the performer, the larger your unit appears, right? So,
while Damion has plenty of scenes with petite sluts, our estimates put him in the
8-inch (20 cm) length and 6.7-inch or 17 cm girth territory. To measure yourself,
find videos with regular size females and see how they deepthroat. Both hands
can cover everything but the tip. Now, do the math on your own and that’s his

Eduardo Picasso (Gay)

We’ve tried hard not to include any gay pornstars or scenes, mostly because you
guys are as sensitive as a schoolgirl. As someone said, however, the biggest dick
pornstars are in gay porn. So, there comes a time when the dong is so massive
that you must show it to everyone. For example, Eduardo Picasso is a gay
pornstar with an impressive 11-inch cock (27 centimeters). Sadly, if you want to
see Eduardo in action, switching to male-to-male adult movies is the only option.
Are you willing to make a sacrifice? I sure am. With Picasso, you will know what is
it like to have a reverse birth.

Julio Gomez

A success story that no one has seen coming. Julio Gomez is one of the luckiest
male pornstars alive and it could have turned out very differently. His penis size
and performance result from priapism (the prolonged erection of cock), all due to
a “sickle cell anemia”. It’s an inherited form of anemia where red blood cells turn
into a gooey mess. If you seek hard enough for evidence, there are many hints,
like a somewhat soft dick despite penetration or the shape of the penis itself.

Castro Supreme (Gay)

When your dick is so huge, you must carry a bag. Impressive in fatness (girth),
length, and aesthetics, this is one of the most beautiful cocks of the 21st century.
An impressive 8 inches (cut) or 20.3 centimeters. His balls look tiny compared to
the black dong. On a less positive note, he is only doing gay porn, which I guess
pays much more than any mainstream site ever will. Men love to watch massive
cocks and tiny assholes, and gender does not matter.

Johnny Sins

How big is Johnny Sins’ dick? Sitting at around 17.5 centimeters or 6.9 inches, he
is way above average, and with the looks that this guy rocks, no wonder we
created a porn celebrity. You can see his giant cock get taken by brunette
pornstars everywhere. He is infamous meme material for having big dick which
why worthy of being mentioned on this list.