Top 10: Most Innocent Pornstars of all Time

Top 10: Most Innocent Pornstars of all Time

Waking up near a innocent-looking pornstar would make anyone smile in the morning. Of course, you have your full day ahead of you, which will likely be tormenting, but at least the first thing you see is the pretty face that keeps you motivated. This list mostly focuses on some less known or forgotten, but still pretty pornstars from this and the previous decade.

Tiffany Thompson

At the top of the pretty pornstars’ tree, we find a woman of Dutch and German descent that resides in California. Before doing porn Tiffany Thompson was a bikini model, moved to nude modeling and the rest one can see on a variety of premium porn sites. Her portfolio includes scenes from Team Skeet, Reality Kings, Hustler, and Twistys.
In 2011, Tiffany said that her goal was to leave the porn industry in 3 to 5 years, and seeing that it’s 2023, I don’t think she hit the target. That’s better for all of us.

Nekane Sweet

I believe that you don’t need a cute face if your breasts and butt are at the top of the league. What about you? Would you rather have sex with a gorgeous pornstar that is flat-chested and with the ugliest pussy in the world or pick someone mediocre (looks-wise) but with incredible curves? Thankfully for Nekane, a Spanish pornstar, you don’t have to make any compromises. Not only is she drop-dead cute, but she also has the industryleading booty.

Naomi Woods

Now blond, Naomi Woods is one of those pornstars that is very much too pretty for porn. Could be bald, and I’d still rip those tight blue jeans and fuck her without a condom, get her pregnant, and live happily for the rest of our lives. Role plays bizarre scenarios including fake sister porn, which gained her a lot of fans.
22-years old, from Miami Beach, and with some quirks. For example, Naomi loves to “torture” men by focusing only on the tip during blowjobs, the most sensitive part. So next time you watch porn with her, take notice.

Tara Morgan

The most desirable women are those we can’t get. Your brain is programmed to ejaculate and forget, which helps men to spread their semen into other specimens. Tara is a fantasy that only lesbian pornstars can touch or see nude in real life. That’s right! Morgan has never touched a dick, and there’s no reason to change. Who bets that Tara’s partners are jealous because she’s always the prettiest
pornstar on set?

Daya Layne

The least famous pornstar, Daya Layne (the blond one is Bibi Jones), hasn’t been on any top 10 porn lists, and that’s a misfortune. Her pornstar rank is also not even in the top 10,000 according to PornHub with all but one video reaching a few thousand views. That’s underground territory. Her porn scenes could be awkward if you hate pornstars laughing because that’s all she does. Not just in this video.
Daya is one of the prettiest pornstars without any makeup or Photoshop. Just a natural diva that was blessed with good looks. Unfortunately, she hasn’t produced a lot of content.

Hope Howell

I like a lot of things about Hope and then hate some. Her locks are awful. No matter how attractive you are, if you rock half-dyed roots and look like a homeless person, I will treat you like that. She is doing good in porn and even shot a scene with Piper Perri, one of the most famous petite pornstars. Another thing that I don’t like about Hope is her first name. I am unsure if she entered the porn business in her teen years, but calling yourself “hope” when there is no hope for you is silly. The porn industry is savage and will destroy your soul. Maybe she was a motivational speaker before becoming a skilled adult performer.

Jenna Jameson

Did you know that Jenna is the second richest female pornstar in the world? Surpassed only by Tera Patrick that we wanted to list here too. She was the best in her business. So think about that for a second, the best pornstar, that counts for something. However, there are much better and far less famous known models that need your views.

She used to look spectacular, drop gorgeous face with neat body curves and tits. I dare you to check her now. Not one of the most disgusting human beings, but far from amazing, blame aging for everything. Imagine
marrying this model and waking up to the frog face that she has now. It is an honorable mention and nothing else. There weren’t many pornstars in the early days. At least she was smart and did not spend all that money on something useless, like dresses and make-up.

Carolina Abril

For the 2023 addition, It’s not about who has the greatest boobs or the hottest fake looks. No, instead, we want to celebrate cuteness that is beyond skin deep. Think Angelina Jolie in “Life or Something Like It”. Allow me to show you our latest and greatest find, Carolina Abril. Do you see how pretty she is and not just on the outside? How your mind dances around the sensual ideas and girlfriend fantasies?

Paula Shy

A total sensation in porn, the example of adorable, Paula Shy is one of the prettiest pornstars I have seen. Even better are her two friends that she brought along. Having watched the full video, we were left gobsmacked at her performance. How can such a cute pornstar become one in the first place? While she does not act out of place, her diva’s face could promote trinity or responsible sex. The satisfaction of watching actresses at their prime is one of a kind.

Kayla Kayden

Kayla looks like someone who is super religious or just meditates a lot. The crown on top of her head might be working its magic here too, but you can’t deny the divine looks. While I am not a fan of her breast, she is pretty.

The difference between hot and pretty is this: someone who just blows your mind away usually makes your dick hard and you want to fuck her. Of course, you want to do all that with a beautiful woman too, but your last fantasy is simple cuddling and hugging, and all romantic bullshit. I also like her facial expression; she looks like someone who would be okay with many things that other women find

Which one would you rather have sex with? Now that’s a dilemma that will give you a headache. Either way, you’ll be left wondering… I might go with Dillion due to the cute and innocent face, but that’s real-life scenarios speaking their incredible orgasmic ability. Let us know which one for you is the most innocent pornstar who should top this list.