Top 8: Pornstars With The Most Sexiest Asses

Top 8: Pornstars With The Most Sexiest Asses

There comes a time in man’s life when a simple jerk-off is not enough and he wants the premium ass breed. Of course, we are talking big, beautiful butts. Since there are over 3 billion pornstars in this world. But we have managed to pick some of the biggest, roundest, and curviest female asses. 

Yes, everyone has a butt and with a nice pair of heels you can fool a lot of  men, but this is a true-to-life list. The most beautiful, pink assholets from all over the globe. Not only that, but a lot of these do anal too. I mean, what is the point of a giant butt if you do not ride it? I have read that the reason for men liking big asses is simple. 

It’s all about evolution and how gigantic, round butts trick our brains into thinking these women are healthy and can give birth to many healthy siblings. Too bad that all of them are porntstars.

Sybil Stallone

Plump breasts and a big ass wider than the Grand Canyon Sybil would be a great tourist attraction for the round, big butts seekers. Sure, it might be hard to stick your cock down that fluffy pussy because of the angle, but then again… Only the greatest of male organs can plow this curvy babe.

Grill her with a dab of warm cum for this beautiful cut of American meat. Okay, pretty is not exactly the first word we’d use to describe Sybil Stallone, but the sheer ass volume is enough to make us forget.

Kelsi Monroe

Jesus fu*king Christ, this woman knows how to fuck, and she loves to get creamped. If you are looking for someone fresh and truly passionate, just look at how she moves and all that. You know what you must do now, whip your dick out. Of course, she does anal, and as you might expect, her booty is bigger than a million watermelons.

Richelle Ryan

Some asses are big, some are bubble or pear-like, but the ultimate factor could be genetics. For example: compare Alena’s ass with Richelle Ryan’s. Both are huge, right? However, this one Despite its similar size it is way smoother. It could also bet exercise as this one is a lot more muscular. The age difference maybe?

Anyway, I’d love to hear your thoughts on what makes a good butt, just wanted to compare these two and show you why Richelle ranks higher than other pornstars.

Loren Minardi

There is something alien-like about Loren but in the sexiest way possible. Could be the lighting or a tan, maybe all black make-up and tattoos. Looking at her, you can immediately tell that Minardi is a pornstar, not a fake one like many. Just someone who bangs and hangouts with elite models only.

A beautiful, sensual, and anal demanding, big butt pornstar from the Brazzers network. Is there even a name in the industry that hasn’t been fucked by their male actors?

Savannah Bond

Do you know where our next mention comes from? A country of cheeky females. While Australians might be used to giant spiders and terrifying snakes, even with those standards, Savannah’s ass is almost extreme. 

The sounds of her cheeks clapping are almost deafening, so We suggest wearing earplugs while Savannah wears a buttplug.Still, despite a colorful appearance, her eyes have a sad dullness, but sexy curves make up for  some of it.

Sarah Vandella

I am thankful to see a dick of color different from yellow, so there are no tranny associations. Guess it’s all about red alien cocks now that are on a thinner side. 

Another big ass pornstar, Sarah Vandella, and her thick bottom from the deepest layers of the universe. Has been in business for over 10 years and with hundreds of thousands of fans on Twitter. Of course, she does anal and most of you would recognize her in public.

It’s crazy how quickly she has grown. Some rappers that play for 10 years barely reach 1000 fans, yet this pornstar (albeit different profession) is as popular as hot dogs at the ball game.

Demi Lowe

With all-natural booty and no implants, American Demi Lowe is entering the realms of bubble delicious pornstars. For sure, there’s plenty of meat around her pussy too, which is a massive turn-on. But, unfortunately, her thin pink panties can’t cover even half of her curves. Her only sin is that Demi did not do many scenes outside the Monster Curves site. That’s an RK exclusive for you.

Alexis Texas

You can’t begin a list without mentioning one of the all-time favorites, Alexis Texas, the blonde  super star. Over the years, she has made a name for herself and has since became one of the most skilled, ass-riding pornstars on the market.

Being born in Texas, you know that you can expect at least some of the skills, and her ass is a piece of art. Thankfully, she does everything from deepthroating to anal and the old-school vaginal. But, sadly, we got a bit tired of her. So, only this spot, at least for now.