Sex Positions That Feel Good After Menopause

Some women discover that they still appreciate intercourse after menopause, but it’s not the same as before. It might now harm for some individuals when it wasn’t before. This occurs frequently because hormone levels fall after menstruation. Your vagina may become less pliable as a result, making it more possible for it to rupture during or after intercourse. Additionally, having less estrogen can increase your risk of developing urinary tract infections, which can be uncomfortable in the genital region.

Even though most people aren’t happy to hear this, it’s not all negative news. One of the best methods to maintain the health of this region after menopause is through regular intercourse. The vagina’s blood flow is increased, which aids in maintaining its flexibility. According to research, those who engage in sexual activity, whether alone or with a companion, experience postmenopausal symptoms less severely than those who don’t.

Try a few various poses if you’re still engaged in intercourse but are experiencing discomfort. If you adjust your pelvic or torso position, entry (if that’s what you want) will be simpler and more pleasant. Trying various postures may also provide support or provide comfort for tight joints, another postmenopausal sensation.

You take a seat on top. Some elderly women report experiencing discomfort during intercourse deep inside their vagina, close to the cervix. When you are on top during intercourse, you can control entry to the degree that is pleasant for you. If you don’t want that, you can also enjoy the sensation by squeezing your partner’s hips while in this posture.

You can recline on top of your companion while they lie supine. They can also adopt the lotus posture, which involves sitting upright with their knees slightly bowed. It allows you to grasp onto your companion for a more personal encounter, which appeals to some women.

Canine fashion. This posture can make things more pleasurable by allowing both of you to touch your clitoris during sexual activity. You might need some arm power, but you can support yourself if needed by placing cushions under your midsection or your arms.

with assistance, a missionary. Try a different version of the missionary position if your primary worry is dehydration and discomfort upon entrance. Place one or two pillows under your lower back as you lay on your back. Your pelvic is raised as a result, making entry a little simpler. A lot of lube will also be helpful.

Sexual contact can still occur orally. Why not adhere to oral intercourse if insertion is so painful? It can provide you with pleasure without the pain of penetrative intercourse, if your companion is open to it. You can alternate who gives and who receives. Alternately, you can both turn around and face each other from head to toe (“69”) to enjoy each other’s company simultaneously.

Lean to one side. If you have severe pelvic discomfort, lying on your side allows you to limit how deep your companion can go. This is effective whether you’re facing your companion or facing the other way. (bend your legs a bit if entry is from the back). If you are in agony at that moment, this might not help because the entrance position varies.

Standing behind you. Standing with your palms on a wall, a table, or over a soft recliner, bend forward. Your companion approaches you from behind, approaching you in a canine fashion. Your clitoris can be stimulated by either of you. In order to prevent discomfort from thorough intercourse, you can also regulate the depth of penetration.