Top 10: Spiciest Middle Eastern & Arab Pornstars (2023)

Arab Pornstars

I could write books about middle eastern pornstars and hot women from Saudi Arabia
that I’ve had a chance to meet. Sexual oppression, hijabs, niqabs, and burkas play a
role in this. A mysterious female figure will be sexier more often, that’s just our brain
playing tricks. Unfortunately, the pornstars below had all their clothes and dignity
stripped down.
That’s for the better, right? I think that these performers are something special. Like
tasting a new spice or flavor you haven’t ever seen before. So let’s jump in without
wasting more of your precious time that you could spend stroking your dick or
stimulating pussy.

Nadia Montana
Cut the quality by half and you will have trouble distinguishing between raw dogging and
a scene with condoms applied. Her dirty hole is just so moist. Yes, I am aware of the
shower scene! However, you can’t get your dick wet like that from the water, especially
when you hide it inside a vagina.
What does the symphony of clapping cheeks sound like? Yes this is it.

Shazia Sahari
Shazia’s curls are a blessing and a curse because she looks very different with hair
straight. Depending on your preferences, some scenes could bore you to death. Do I
sound stupid? Listen, I don’t just mean different yet recognizable. Her hairstyle
completely changes her look as if these were two different pornstars.
Before you call us out on this one and claim that this is indeed a wrong person, let me
stop you right there. Only through careful comparison can you finally see the similarities
and no, this isn’t some random amateur.

Mulani Rivera
This is what heaven looks like with dozens of virgins ready to serve you. This dude is
tripping, with the massive amounts of oxygen leaving his brain to feed hungry dick.
Some of the funniest reactions and expressions ever that only Brazzers can top.
Mulani Rivera is of Arabic and Puerto Rican descent. Used to dance for a living and
then upgraded her profession to porn. Just like most pornstars, now resides in Los
Angeles. I need to book a hotel there and bang some hoes.

Alicia Angel
In a recent interview with an Arabian escort, I read that Saudis are into extreme porn. I
specifically mean rich dudes that don’t give a damn. Rumor has it that they are into
shitting and other, asshole-related things. Also, have you seen any real Arab girl on sex
cams? Because we did not.
Anyway, I have heard horror stories about women leaving Saudi Arabia with broken
assholes that take weeks or even months to heal. While her videos are just a small
peek of Alicia Angel and her fun performance, nasties you can’t find online are much
worse. Or depending on your definition of sexy, so much better.

Loona Luxx
Random dude fucks a pornstar and what do you do? Start eating her out, preparing
holes for two more dicks except yours. One of the defining features of a professional
actor is his ability to stay hard even if the entire experience smells of daddy bears.
Loona’s ancestors were impregnated with Italian and Egyptian semen which is why she
stands out from other Arab pornstars. The emotional baggage that comes from trashy
sluts of porn must be enormous. Unfortunately, the beautiful Middle Eastern girl is not
one of them.

Kimber Kay
Dark skin, cozy pussy, and arms stroke your gentlemen’s sausage. No, we are not
talking ebony pornstars, although Kimber Kay is sort of is one? You won’t find much
about her on the Internet. However, we have watched enough porn in our lifetime to
remember even the less popular adult actresses.
Kimber Kay is a half American and half Arab pornstar, with less than 10 porn videos in
her portfolio. Does lesbian stuff, glory hole porn, amateur, and even bukkake scenes.
That’s the perfect combo of what you desire from a performer of this origin, correct?

Allie Jordan
Finishing from behind and on Allie’s back, it’s a guy celebrating Arabian porn. But, of
course, her real name is Diana Jihad Ayyoub and some fans refuse to acknowledge
anything else.
Known for performance in blockbuster hits like “Sorority Sex Orgy” and “Big Breasts Are
Best 10”. Honestly, I am surprised that she did not appear on our anal-hungry pornstars’
top list. She is a freak of anal, and most of her videos are nothing but ass-fucking. Twist
your dicks and push the head to prevent early ejaculation. Allie Jordan might be worth
that but we have a few more sluts to show you.

Carmel Moore
The whitest of all Middle Eastern pornstars, likely due to the majority of her descent
being British. She is like the Michael Jackson of porn, except with fewer plastic parts.
Her first interracial porn scene won her an award in 2006 and it’s all uphill from there.
Did you know that Carmel Moore does not like English men? Says that all of them suck
in bed and don’t care about anything other than missionary. What about Americans?
Better at sex, but with the awful body image and constant flexing.

Alexa Loren
Alexa Loren, born and raised in Egypt has two things to be proud of. One is on the left
and another is on her right. Often wears clothes brighter than the flaming red tip of my
dick right now.
There are many beautiful big tit pornstars, but wow… No matter how often I look at
these fluffy breasts, it never gets old. Good thing evolution pre-programmed our brain to
enjoy massive tits, great butts, and 90-60-90 ratios. That’s a golden ratio, by the way.
for the bust, waist as well as hips.

Jasmine Arabia
She will take twenty dicks, but you must wear a condom! After all, sex safety is so
important in the adult business. Jasmine Arabia is an Arabian pornstar, correct? There’s
nothing secretive about that! Sorry to disappoint you, brother, but this girl is from
Morocco. It’s like naming yourself “Bent Dick Banana” despite a straight unit.
Maybe Saudi Arabia is her favorite country, or she does not know how to read and just
copy-pasted the first two words from the web.