Top 10 Pregnant Pornstars

Top 10 Pregnant Pornstars

Rev up your biological engines and don’t even think about pulling your cock out. These previously pregnant pornstars can’t get a second chance or empathy from the support groups. It’s a limited-time opportunity to experience these dickeating twats in action. In addition, pregnancy has many pros and cons, with lactating being one of them. But did you know that pornstars can lactate without any cum running down their intestines? Yes, we also include milk-producing females, from unknowns to highly popular ones.

Ariana Simon

Around 3 to 4 months after pregnancy, Ariana Simon did not mind shooting simple porn videos for her fans. The dedication is something to be admired, yet we are unsure about those color dyes on the hair. It’s somewhat toxic, right? Like many previously pregnant pornstars, her sex positions and choices are limited. There are only a few, the simple sex on all fours and a controlled cowgirl.

Ema Kisaki

Her sympathetic looks inspire you to do big things while the refreshing milk afterward calms you down. She did not appear to be pregnant but is surely lactating. I could not figure out if every woman can force breast milk out of the nipples or it’s something else?

What does human breast sauce taste like anyway? A bit on a sweeter side, yet most of the flavors depend on mom’s diet. I’ve heard that women who don’t smoke produce bitter milk, which is similar to men and their dick product.

Madison Young

Red hair, extremely short figure, and massive stomach make this previously pregnant pornstar appear like a midget. We are fine with small performers and have featured them through the years. But, not wanting to try them for my enjoyment, I’d love to read your thoughts and experiences of oral sex with previously pregnant women. Do their pussies taste weird or is it about the same? Can you finger fuck her, or is that too much of a risk for the fetus? So many questions and no answers.

Kelly Klass

Why would he cum on her belly? The whole point of fucking an ex-pregnant pornstar is that you can finally be free to do whatever the heck you want. Maybe he has been finishing like this for most of his life and does not realize the great pleasures of creamy pies.

Kelly Klass and her slim figure make her bloated stomach stand out. It’s like a tumor that won’t kill you in the end. She hasn’t gained that much weight also, which is admirable. Most women I know went from skinny to XXL pornstars with fat rolls.

Britney Brooks

It is like her sixth month before giving birth and Brittany is still shooting nudes. Is she about to not care? There are no script rules in porn and bedrooms, but my senses are whispering all the wrong things about this babe. At least you can fuck her doggystyle, which is my favorite sex position.
On the positive side, this pornstar is lactating too! Her bottom is sparkling from
the breast milk and we would not mind pouring some coffee onto it.

Erin Star

Breasts larger than anything we’ve seen on the planet, lactating nipples and an ex-pregnant slut on top. It would be hard to surpass this one. Unless you specifically go for the looks. Erin Star is an adorable pornstar that has chosen to remain in the adult business. Despite the troubles of a previous pregnancy, that is.

If you are hyping yourself up for some of the most famous pornstars on the list, don’t. There’s a reason why many of them got famous in the first place and had nothing to do with giving birth. The complete opposite is true, which is not a pretty reality.

Kisaki Ema

Adding to the mix of lactating pornstars, Kisaki Ema is another Asian. I think the whole thing has originated from Japan, the homeplace of weird porn. Born in 1989, Nozomi Saki Emma is known for the massive quantities of breast milk that her boobs produce.

Okay, so that’s quite an understatement! With over 90 porn scenes that Ema shot, I’d say that 99% of these contain lactating shots. This is her trademark move, like a fatality in MK. Kaori Ogura Someone should hire a psychology major and let him or her explain the fetish of lactating women. I suspect all of these fantasies originate from men who did not experience a normal childhood. You know, a period when you have a loving mom who takes care of you.

Maybe they are trying to compensate for that now? With warm milk coming out of Kaori’s breasts, it’s a perfect ingredient to make some whipped cream to add on your pancakes. Why the hell not?

Katerina Hartlova

Young and dumb, that’s a common saying that has since been replaced with YOLO. However, we got some ex-pregnant matures too! For some of the MILF porn scenes, look no further than at Katerina Hartlova. It was controversial during release since this porn was not exactly a niche a decade ago.
As for the scene, she pulls massive breasts out and lets them marinate inside her girlfriend’s hands. Filling her with warmth and kinky ideas.

Diana Kane

Always with a smile and just a few months pregnant, Diana Kane is another MILF that has chosen not to swallow. Was that for the better? Judging from this POV video and many others, it was a welcome decision!

Low hanging breasts filled with milk, some art on the walls and you have a perfect evening for the aristocrats. We are very much enjoying that shyness factor in her videos. It gives an overall flat pornstar character a way to differentiate.