8 Ways to Keep Your Vagina Happy

8 Ways to Keep Your Vagina Happy

These days, it seems like everyone—celebrities, news columnists, authors, grammatical nerds, and everyone in between—is chatting about vaginas. Sorting through the dos and don’ts of having a vagina is getting more and more challenging. One thing I’m particular about as a sex instructor is words. You’d be amazed at how many people, regardless of gender, confuse the words “vulva” and “vagina.” Knowing the distinction is advantageous because they are two very separate entities.

Therefore, let’s establish some truths before we start developing routines.

Describe a vagina

For women who give birth, the vagina is also referred to as the delivery tube. The cervix and the uterus are connected by the vagina.

In receptive individuals, the ovaries, which are situated on either side of the uterus, produce eggs. These eggs journey through the fallopian tubes to the uterus, where they are fertilized by the sperm and implanted along the uterine wall during pregnancy.

Menstruation occurs in the absence of pregnancy. The uterus adds additional lining up until the egg is expelled to create the most favorable habitat for a viable egg. This membrane, however, needs to go somewhere when an egg is not produced. This means that it leaves the body during your period and continues to do so until menopause or for any other reason.

Describe a vulva

The visible section of the female genitalia is called the vulva. The mons pubis, clitoris, urethra, labia majora, and labia minora make up this structure. The vaginal folds’ exterior and interior folds are called labia majora and labia minora, respectively. The clitoris, which is highly sensitive—even more so than the tip of a penis—is protected by these components. Additionally, the clitoris can be a significant source of enjoyment, just like the tip of a penis! In reality, clitoral stimulation is frequently required for orgasms in individuals with vagina.

After sorting out the interesting anatomical trivia, let’s look at some vaginal health practices. If you are the fortunate proprietor of a vagina, here are eight points to remember.

Keep the pubes

It’s acceptable to clip or remove a small amount of hair from the bikini line. Nobody is requiring it to be wild, but you are free to wear it however you please! — but do retain your genital hair, please.

There are numerous uses for pubic hair. It prevents additional germs from growing downward and gets rid of perspiration and friction-related problems. Less hair elimination also means fewer wounds, scratches, and ingrown hairs, as well as less itching as the hair comes back.

Use natural grooming lotions and lubricants if you have to cut or trim your genital hair. Sliquid has a wonderful selection of vegan and sensitive grooming lotions that are excellent for shaving down there.

Use body-safe sex toys

Do you ever find yourself pondering the mechanisms behind certain toys? It’s not just you. In fact, some sex devices are only suitable for taking up storage room.

In general, toys manufactured of certain materials are secure. These consist of:



steel is solid




a material known as ABS

Nevertheless, these must be purified components that are suitable for use in medicine or even food, not mixtures.

Visit Dangerous Lily for details on body-safe games, dangerous toys, and more if you’re interested in learning more.

Try this: In general, you should refrain from buying sex devices online. It’s challenging to determine the materials these products are made of and confirm that they weren’t… previously used. Having said that, there are many outstanding businesses to purchase from.

Wear breathable clothing

Fabrics and garments that breathe well are good for the genitalia. The best undergarments is cotton. Its moisture-wicking abilities help to reduce the amount of dampness that could encourage germ development. Additionally, removing damp garments rapidly can restrict problems. Whatever undergarments you prefer, just remember to switch it out every day.

Sleep in your birthday suit

It’s true that your genitalia can benefit from napping undressed. Getting rid of your undergarments for the night can help your vagina air, regardless of what you wear during the day. But the advantages don’t end there. Cooler temps may be good for your health, according to some studies. A quick means of calming down? Become nude. Additionally, you might be shocked by how immensely freeing and powerful it can be once you’re in the naked.