Top 8: The Youngest and Hottest Teen Pornstars (2023)

We love pornstars of all ages, but a special list must be created for the hottest ones that just turned eighteen or if not, look like they are pretty much in their teen years which is eighteen or nineteen. No, you won’t find any 17-year-old porn or even 16, for obvious reasons. Even though it is legal in some countries, I guess, at least sex, not the porn shooting. Anyway, there are plenty of beautiful teen pornstars and we handpicked the best of the best, which also means that they are some of the hottest ones on the planet.

Diana Rius

Having recently turned 19, Diana Rius is another teen adult performer that looks way younger
than she is. It could have something to do with her chubby looks. I know more than a few teens
that could trick anyone into thinking they are in their late 20s. Honestly, no idea why that is the
case as most of us assume that extra fat helps with the appearance, at least as far as wrinkles
go as these get stretched, right? Maybe only in later years? For being a thick chick, Dian Rius is
way more active than your average thick pornstar.

Darcia Lee

Another shy teen pornstar that fucks like your average girl from University or Tinder. She will be
okay with some things if it’s not too degrading. Holding her head as she sucks dick? Fine.
Deepthroating, swallowing, and choking? No. Rear-end pleasures? Not until your birthday.
Her body is very interesting, with the right amount of meat on her tits and beautiful, long legs.
It’s one of those pleasant surprises you get to see after unwrapping. Born in 1999 and from
Hungary, this youngster has already starred in over 30 porn movies and is actively pursuing her
career. Also, is one of the pornstars that looks great with glasses.

Hannah Hays

For 18 and 19-year old girls, the world is their oyster, everyone wants to fuck them, they get
more attention than 100 dudes (unless they are rich), and you can grab life by the balls. She
loves to get showered with gifts (semen), then attention treatment, and juicy dick for dessert.
Appears to be a good fuck and cocksucker too. I like her pussy elasticity and these flaps that go
in and out make it even sexier.

Briar Rose

As we edge closer to the top 5 teen pornstars, things go from bland to sexy, and our dicks from
soft to semi-hard. Briar Rose is 19-years old and has been in the brutal business of porn since
her “legal years”. She looks like one of those virgin girls from American Pie who turn crazy for
Slightly messed up hairstyle, extremely pale skin, and geeky face. Briar Rose is still warming up
for more porn scenes, so assuming this post gets more traction and she gets decent exposure,
expect to see her in more porn sites. A few years from now on she won’t even be recognizable.

Melody Marks

Preparing her teen asshole for the first gaping anal scene, Melody Marks is a barely legal
miracle of the 2021. She worships creampies and has just finished the very first threesome
Versatility is the name of a game for today’s leading porn star names which is why Melody will
succeed. She feels remarkably comfortable with anything thrown at her, raising a question
about the age at which she lost her virginity. So sharpen your pens since anal porn is next.

Lucie Wilde

Now this one is an interesting catch. First, when we discovered Lucie, she was only 18 years old.
Sitting at 22 now, we felt like with the young porn star face and the massive tits (that seem
natural), we had to include her too.
My favorite part about Lucie is that she seems to be your average girl next door type, which
means that you can’t tell if she is a saint and is saving her virginity after the marriage or a
massive well… It should not matter, with the young look like hers, I am fine either way.

Angel Youngs

How do you like your blond teens? Inexperienced or kinkier than Krusty the Clown? Angel
wants to be the all-in-one teen pornstar and her porn scenes prove it. Anal play is already a
taboo for beginners, but that’s just the first of many gears. This teen jumps from one BBC to
another like a battery powered pogo stick and gags on fluids during a break. No, not just the
white kind, but yellow and mustard kind.
If you are a psychiatrist, let us know what in the world has happened to this teen. Sure, we’ve
banged crazy whores before, but to see one so early and without tattoos or any red flags is

Halle Von

Are you into blond teens or bleached beauties? If so, Halle from Dallas should leave you
satisfied, at least for a wank or two. Rocking platinum blond hair and a few tattoos, a miss Von
seems fine with anal toys, ass play, and not-so “teenish” things.
Well, this is why she ended up in the porn industry. Also, depending on the angle, she is either
the hottest teen pornstar. It’s like playing the lottery with her. Something is going on there and
we are not sure what. Anyway, a teen is a teen.